Project Development

Anamosic has long experience when in comes to develop custom analog and mixed-signal cells for IC products. We work in close relationship with our customers to define and to develop the integrated circuits which best correspond to your needs.

Maybe your company temporarly lacks internal resources and looks for qualified external contractor.
Or your are designing a great ASIC with advanced digital functions but need supporting analog or mixed-signal custom cells.
You might even have an idea for a new product, as for example for an medical implant chip, but no knowledge in integrated circuit design.

In any case you can sub-contract with confidence the design of part or whole of your ASIC to Anamosic.

Flow flexibility

Anamosic can design your own full ASIC if it is an analog ASIC or a mixed-signal ASIC with a small digital portion.
For projects with advanced digital functions, we can integrate digital designs provided by third parties, or provide analog cells which will be integrated into a digital design by the customer or by a third party.

Wide range of cells and architecture

We have long experience designing all standard cell functions as oscillator, voltage regulator, power-on reset, ADC, DAC, etc. Maybe we already have the cell you need in our IP catalog, or can use one as a base for a new developement. But you are not limited to standard functions as we can also design any full custom circuit based on your specifications.

Low power and ultra low power

Lower power design are increalingly important in the era of battery powered devices. Located in the area of the watch industry in Switzerland, we benefit from shared knowledge of design techniques for ultra low power circuits.

In-depth design

At Anamosic Ballenegger Design, the same developper engineer handle all the project from definition, specifications, circuit design, simulation, to layout, DRC & LVS and verifications. We found that in order to achieve the best performances, it becomes more and more important that the person drawing the layout has in-depth knowledge of the design. Symmetrically, the circuit should be designed with the layout in mind at the first place. When the same person works on the circuit design and the layout as well, efficiency and optimization is maximum, communications bottleneck is avoided, and mistakes do not occurs.